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It’s not easy being “green”… but it’s worth it!

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

We are so diligent at the Inn to recycle bottles, cans, and newspapers, use paper bags instead of plastics, use sprays instead of aerosols… but it never occurred to us to help the environment in terms of saving energy with light bulbs. You know the kind that uses less wattage, lasts for years and years and years, but cost more that the usual bulbs. I have resisted because of “ambiance” that I like to have with lighting at the Inn and the many “dimmer switches” we have throughout the house ( which are not recommended for these more efficient light bulbs).

So I had continued to use “regular” bulbs.

However, as of this writing, over the last month, actually since the New Year, we have changed over 75% of our lighting to the soft white efficient light bulbs. I feel good about this… really. These bulbs that we have switched to take a little longer to fully illuminate, but I am glad we made this choice. Makes me feel like we are really greening up, as they say.

We hope that our next utility bill will give us just a little more “green” in our pockets, too!