Nappanee Hotels for Electric Trucks

Electric Trucks are going to be manufactured in Nappanee

Electric Trucks are going to be manufactured in Nappanee

We just read some exciting news that could have a great effect on our Nappnee Inn: Governor Mitch Daniels aligned with executives from Electric Motors Corporation (EMC) and Gulf Stream Coach to announce the companies’ partnership and plans to begin electric vehicle production in Wakarusa and Nappanee. EMC, “which develops and manufactures electric power drive systems for electric and hybrid vehicles, will partner with RV manufacturer Gulf Stream Coach to produce the first light-duty electric pickup truck. Together, the companies plan to invest more than $80 million on building renovations, machinery and equipment to site manufacturing facilities in Wakarusa and Nappanee and potentially create more than 1,600 jobs by 2012.” (source).

Nappanee has always been a land of coexisting contradictions; now we will be building electric pickup trucks amongst the Amish, who do not use any electricity!

“You can’t keep a great workforce and a great business environment down for long,” the Governor was quoted saying, “Every trip starts with a single step, but this is a huge step on the way back to the prosperity we’ve always associated with Elkhart County.”

We are excited to be a part of this exciting new trend, and feel proud to be creating new jobs and commerce in our community.

Gulf Stream Coach could increase its workforce by up to 1,200 jobs, which would include recall of some displaced workers. The company will utilize one of its existing dormant plants in Nappanee for assembly operations.

Additionally, the article indicated that the IEDC (Indiana Economic Development Corporation) will provide Nappanee officials with a $75,000 grant to purchase & build with fiber-optic infrastructure improvements for the proposed facility. The Town of Wakarusa and the City of Nappanee will consider additional tax phase-in for the project.”We are thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase Elkhart County and the towns of Wakarusa and Nappanee in a new and more inventive light. We are building upon the strengths of our entrepreneurism, innovation and green vehicle technologies, to invigorate our existing mix of truck component, RV and leisure vehicle industries.” said Dorinda Heiden-Guss, president of the Economic Development Corporation Elkhart County.

The Homespun Country Inn is also looking forward to an upgrade; keep your eyes peeled for a new web site design. It is a whole make-over for us, and we are excited for the launch of our Nappanee lodging site.

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